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Yes, extraordinarily bad things can happen as a result, and it pains him God immensely to witness these things and exercise the restraint from intervening.

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He is formally a finite compare contrast essay introduction sentence, and so he can be the cause of any idea with the objective reality of a finite substance. Whereas the clockwork universe has been invalidated by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics remains devilishly hard to interpret philosophically.

Surely a creative mind is itself a complex, purposive system as well. Second, again in opposition to the rationalist metaphysicians, he points out that dreamless sleep establishes that mental activity can be at least temporarily extinguished; we therefore have no reason to think that it cannot be permanently extinguished.

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Platonism in this sense is a contemporary view. So in closing your response was not a rude response but one based on your belief and I respect the perspective you bring. If Hume is right that no reasonable person would believe in the existence of miracles based on testimony, then it should seem strange that millions have nevertheless done so.

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