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After all, the rules and laws that people like the Widow and Judge Thatcher lay down aren't just meant to make Huck's life miserable; they're also meant to protect him.

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Check out the way Huck describes it: On the river, Huck and Jim encounter all kinds of life-threatening situations: The story tells of a young man Huck Finn and his friend Jim, a slave, starting an adventure toward the freedom of Jim. While spending time with Jim, Huck soon learns that byu english essay contest are, in fact, not very different from whites and he begins to think for himself.

In the middle section of Huckleberry Finn, the river takes on more of a concrete meaning and will be discussed more so in the paragraphs that follows.

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And called me a poor lost lamb" As Huck lives on this island, he meets Jim who he befriends for the time being. Twain continues to show this tone of disparity as Huck unconsciously relates many things around him to death, and continues to tell It almost goes to an extent of having its own personality and character traits.

The first idea that Twain uses is superstition.

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