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The effects are gentled acidity without a reduction in the flavor characters of the coffees. Learn more about wood-fire roasted coffee as you tour my website, where you can also purchase coffee now!

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company

For centuries coffee was roasted over a wood fire at the baby dumping research paper hearth. It was not until the last years or so that other roasting methods were introduced. All of our coffees are about the quality and consistency of the beans which are hand-roasted in small batches to show off the individual characters of each represented coffee growing region.

Another reason for roasting with wood is the temperature dynamic. The reasons I choose to roast with wood are numerous, but most important is a traditional method of roasting.

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This provides for a full, bold taste in your cup. As the roaster, I personally source these coffees through reputable importers and have established relationships with our suppliers — in most cases going back more than a decade. Quite frankly, wood burns differently than natural gas and it is this difference that excites me the most.

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