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Figure 25 Synthesis of the first base of an oligonucleotide on a universal supportUnyLinker: Whereas DCM proves to be the optimal solvent for carbodiimide activation it is less suitable for the subsequent coupling step which proceeds more rapidly in more polar solvents such as DMF.

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This affords a one-step synthesis of N 4 -benzoyl dC Figure Deprotection of the phosphodiester backbone The phosphate groups are protected as 2-cyanoethyl phosphotriesters throughout oligo synthesis, and must be deprotected once synthesis is complete. Nevertheless large excess of base is to be avoided even though coupling is accelerated at a slightly basic pH.

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The endless steppe essay many compounds, it is possible to establish alternative synthetic routes. This phenomenon is a major cause of trouble as it is difficult to predict, is sequence dependent and no universal solution has been found up to now.

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Peptides are relatively easy to synthesize thanks to brilliant chemists such as Merrifield, the pioneer of solid-phase peptide synthesis. The most popular of the labile guanine protecting groups is dimethylformamidine dmf dGsolid phase synthesis allows oligonucleotide deprotection to be carried out under much milder conditions conc.

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Figure 14 Formation of cyanoethyl adductsMechanism of reaction of thymine with acrylonitrile under strongly basic conditions, to form a 2-cyanoethyl adduct. The first universal supports required treatment with a relatively strong base e.

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As an alternative, Baran presented a novel protective-group free synthesis of the compound hapalindole U. Only the beads will turn orange-red and the intensity of the color does not depend on the nature of the N-terminal amino acid.

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