Site of photosynthesis in prokaryotes BioCoach Activity

Site of photosynthesis in prokaryotes

Plastoquinone at the QB-site differs from QA in that it works as a two-electron acceptor, becoming fully reduced and protonated after two photochemical turnovers of the reaction center.

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Various types of cell walls exist in the archaea. Free essays on cuba communism resulting arrangement of Eukaryota also called "Eucarya"Bacteria, and Archaea is called the three-domain systemreplacing the traditional two-empire system. In a complicated reaction sequence that is not fully understood, the cytochrome bf complex removes the electrons from reduced plastoquinone and facilitates the release of the protons into the inner aqueous space.

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The pathway of electrons is largely determined by the energetics of the reaction and the distance between the carriers. The distinction is that eukaryotic cells have a "true" nucleus containing their DNAwhereas prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus. Infrequently during this process, a plasmid may integrate into the host bacterial chromosome, and subsequently transfer part of the host bacterial DNA to another bacterium.

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The metabolic strategies utilized by the archaea are thought to be extraordinarily diverse in nature. However, both archaea and eukaryotes have multiple RNA polymerases that contain multiple polypeptides. Methanogenesis the production of methane as a metabolic by-product occurs only in the domain Archaea, specifically in the subdivision Euryarchaeota.

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