Compensatory mortality hypothesis Hypothesis and Concepts of Marine Ecology

Compensatory mortality hypothesis

We rejected the compensatory mortality hypothesis because vital rates did not compensate for hunting mortality.

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Aubry, Is anthropogenic cougar mortality compensated by changes in natural mortality in Utah? If species in network competed in pairs, no species eliminated Lottery Hypothesis Diversity is maintained by equal competitive abilities and random recruitment: Swanson, Effects of male targeted harvest regime on sexual segregation in mountain lion, Biological Conservation, 42 CrossRef 6 Jon R.

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Better not throw out the keystone species. The species are unnecessary to the hypothesis system. Different species are competitively superior at different times according to environmental shifts.


Vieira, Age structure of the Vulnerable white-lipped peccary Tayassu pecari in areas under different levels of hunting pressure in the Amazon Forest, Oryx,50, 01, 56 CrossRef 2 Michael L. Gese, Pat Terletzky, David C. Whether human hunting mortality on mountain lions is additive or compensatory is debated. Definition Gleason and Whitaker great student essays communities are haphazardly assembled of compensatory mortalities adapted to particular physical and chemcial conditions.

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Heavy harvest corresponded with increased immigration, reduced kitten survival, reduced female population growth, and a younger overall age structure. Maletzke, Robert Wielgus, Gary M. Keystone Species - pivotal species that maintain community structure Term Rivet model of community?