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But, why should cigarette smoking be banned in all public spaces, including outside public establishments? Example Essays Smoking has become a major problem, especially, in those areas that as densely populated.

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People are at great chance of disease and illness by just walking past a smoker. Model Answer Medical studies have shown that smoking not only leads beloved country cry essay health problems for the smoker, but also for people close by.

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In conclusion, public smoking is a danger to smokers, as well as non-smokers and should be banned entirely. All because some people are addicted and protest that it there right to smoke and endanger fellow workmates in public places.

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It is a personal choice and a highly addictive habit. Therefore smoking should be banned in all There are many different opposing arguments to banning smoking, and the debate will probably never end. Smoker often wonder why they have to sign up for public assistance but if they count all the money that they could receive if they put all the money they spend on cigarettes in a savings account, they may turn out to be millionaires.

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In case no one noticed, lung cancer is one of the most prevalent causes of death in the world and while it can be caused by a number of different factors, it is mostly the effect of cigarette smoking that lines the lungs with tar and nicotine. Even with these restrictions, many people choose to smoke. These restrictions include numerous non-smoking areas, a ban on cigarette television commercials, and a high tax on cigarettes.