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Next, jot down a list of all the information from your class lecture notes that you think applies to the question. Argument by assertion — simply stating that something is true or obvious does not make it so. Evidence can take many forms, including: Do this for the rest of the major ideas. Proper spelling and grammar are important because mistakes of this nature critical essay merchant venice from your argument.

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Do background reading, select the reference sources, note down the key ideas. In order to perform the task successfully, one must consider several key issues of the preparation stage, during the writing process and after it is over. Use your introduction to provide a kind of road map for the rest of your paper. If you want to view examples of essays written on social sciences, you are welcome at our Samples page.

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Do not use bullets. Use appropriate style — formal, but not flowery and vague. Never hand in your essay without a list of references. Divide the main body of your essay into sections with social science thesis format headings.

Present the scientific context of the problem.

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Imagine an alternative explanation to your thesis. Making an Outline Getting Started with Your Essay To begin constructing an outline of your essay, write down the question prompt, and underline key phrases.

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With these words, your professor is asking you to address the question in a particular manner. Example or illustration for supporting idea II. Make sure your presentation of evidence is well organized.

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Be sure to avoid logical fallacies, which will weaken your argument: