List the basic reactants and products for photosynthesis and respiration What are the reactants and products of photosynthesis?

List the basic reactants and products for photosynthesis and respiration, 3 access points

Krebs proved the series of reactions by which glucose is broken down into CO2.

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CoEnzymes "awaken" an enzyme related to vitamins. Flashcards for anaerobic and aerobic respiration as well as the Krebs Cycle, fermentation and Glycolysis.

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Where does Krebs Cycle take place? Lipmann discovered CoEnzyme A which was the last step to a greater understanding of the process of the Krebs Cycle. How did Krebs contribute to the knowledge of Respiration?

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Name the compound that enters the Kreb Cycle. How did Fritz Lipmann contribute?

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What was the significance of Hans Krebs and Fritz Lipmann's findings? A Explain where the carbon dioxide comes from. In the Inner Mitochondrial Matrix.

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What is a Coenzyme? They made clear the mechanism of how a cell generates energy from glucose.

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Coenzymes that carry high energy electrons and hydrogen atoms to the E. Where does the Electron Transport Chain take place?

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To break down Pyruvic Acid generating high energy compounds: The carbon molecules breaking down. Oxygen Where does Glycolysis take place? How many ATP are generated from the E.

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