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Free essay on technical education

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It has a great importance in our life. Post-graduates and research training is also imparted. So we should have an element of liberal education also in Technical education. The schemes for its development must be accelerated and evils of poverty, unemployment and beggary must be tied over.

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Purely literary education has so far equipped the educated class for various clerical and administrative jobs best computer science research papers a few so called learned professions. They dislike working in factories and hating to learn practical skills.

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There are many colleges for engineering. Education that teaches us how to live in a society is called Social or Political education. It produces doers and workers.

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Last but not the least advantage of imparting technical education to our young men will be that they will grow practical and realistic. We are able to increase the material resources of our country through Technical education.

Technical education

Education in Pakistan is lacking on the technical side. It is only during World-War II that technical and vocational education received encouragement in India.

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The Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore has been reorganized and several new departments have been added. It produces engineers, builders, doctors and mechanics who are very useful in an industrial society.

Technical Education

Technical schools cost less than most colleges. The imparting of technical education to our young men will go a long way in solving the problem of unemployment. It is the only answer to the problems of our expanding economy.

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