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Thematic synthesis

Some may argue against the synthesis of qualitative research on the grounds that the findings of individual studies are de-contextualised and that concepts identified in one setting are not applicable to others [ 32 ].

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Knowledge Structure and Use: We needed to search extensively in 'grey' literature, ask authors of relevant papers if they knew of more studies, and look especially for book chapters, and we spent a lot of effort screening titles and abstracts by hand and looking through journals manually.

Through this discussion more abstract or analytical themes began to emerge.

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While we focus on the thematic syntheses of the review that relate to qualitative studies, the review was broader than this and combined answering traditional questions of effectiveness, through reviewing controlled trials, with questions relating to children's views of healthy eating, which were answered using qualitative studies. A systematic review of literature.

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Finding the findings in qualitative studies. Thematic synthesis enabled us to stay 'close' to the results of the primary studies, synthesising them in a transparent way, and facilitating the explicit production of new concepts and hypotheses.

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In systematic reviews of trials, 'sensitivity analyses' — analyses which test the effect on the synthesis of including and excluding findings from studies of differing quality — are often carried out. This method may also be poor at examining contradictions, as well as commonalities, in the thematic syntheses and at highlighting gaps in the evidence.

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She was not familiar with the school setting and the banning cell phones while driving essay taste it favored; so this left her feeling even more alienated. Both methods led us to similar conclusions about lay views toward infant size and growth.

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Synthesising qualitative and quantitative evidence: Children also felt that buying healthy food was not a legitimate use of their pocket money, which they would use to buy sweets that could be enjoyed with friends. Thematic analysis is a method that is often used to analyse data in primary qualitative research.

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