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For the next event in the creation of the corpus the historical clock must be advanced from the accession of Strato as scholiarch instead of Neleus at BC [topic note 14] to the confiscation of the first recension of the re-discovered corpus from the home of the deceased re-discoverer, Apellicon of Teos[topic note 15] by general Sulla on his physics essays wikipedia to Athens after his conquest of Anatolia in 84 BC.

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Their authors, analysts, contributors, whether or not they were emended, or corrected, and by whom, remain unknown for certain. It is peculiar that the force he was given is more of a mob than a detachment of soldiers, and that Apellicon evidences total ignorance of military matters. The Athenian people made Athenion the ambassador to Mithridates on the basis of his skill at oratory and experience of the east.

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Revolution at Athens[ edit ] The rise of Mithridates offered some hope of independence to the cities of Greece. They were either set free or given to friends.

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Marius had nevertheless until now sponsored the career of Sulla. Aetolia was on the north shore of the Gulf. The sources give no clue.

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Chapters are identified by Arabic numerals, but the use of the English word "chapter" is strictly conventional. These were shortly to be tested in the First Mithridatic War with disastrous results.

The total property of Theophrastus as proprietor was much larger.

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