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Bacteria in photosynthesis, what is an autotroph? explanation & examples

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Living Rocks Also called Lithops, these autotrophs are interesting in that they look like rocks! This effort limited severe famines to a few areas of the world despite rapid population growthbut it did not eliminate widespread malnutrition.

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Because these small molecules carry electrons or hydrogen atoms over relatively long distances, they play a unique role in photosynthetic energy conversion. The full reduction of plastoquinone requires the addition of two electrons and two protons, i.

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This has caused them to be dubbed "blue-green algae", though they have no relationship to any of the various eukayotic algae. The glycerol lipids are a family of molecules characterized by a bacterium in photosynthesis head group that is hydrophilic and two fatty acid side chains that are hydrophobic.

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In the US, the popularity of Spirulina is primarily as a "health food", being sold in stores as a dried powder or in tablet form. Use this study guide to learn how autotrophs - such as weird plants, colorful algae, and microscopic bacteria - live all around us.

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