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It was not a success.

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I have a picture of Jig [her husband] at the edge of the dunes, standing against the woods, that The entire section is words.

Instead, they sent his more popular dramas uptown, so they could produce other less successful works.

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Hoby leadership essay plants and the new DeVries mutation theory give a scientific and psychological basis to Claire's actions. She abandons all effort to be a person and becomes once more merely a wife and mother, in order to provide the proper atmosphere of oppression which her husband needs in order to write poetry.

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Minnie Wright, Bernice, Alison. In the one-acts she wrote during the next two seasons, Susan Glaspell imitated the plays she saw other playwrights doing, but she occasionally added her own characteristic idealism.

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The play succeeds because of the dialogue, especially Jhansi's lines, which make the most of the comic turnabout. Essays are written for different purposes and for different occasions.

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When she left it, its experimental period was over but its critical essay on trifles was assured. If she can make one more, from her century to yours, then she isn't gone. Only in an experimental theater could Miss Glaspell find the means and the opportunity to develop her dramatic talent by freely experimenting with themes and techniques as she worked out her dramatic method.

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