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Video on protein synthesis

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The process continues until one of the three stop codons enters the A site. The synthesis of proteins takes two steps: Because the DNA template remains unchanged after transcription, it is possible to transcribe another identical molecule of RNA immediately after the first one is complete.

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The first codon, which is always the start codon methionine, fills the P site and the second codon fills the A site. An anticodon pairs complementary nitrogenous bases with mRNA. A peptide bond is formed between the two adjacent amino acids held by tRNA molecules, forming the first two links of a chain. Ribosomes have three important binding sites: After transcription, the new RNA strand is released and the two unzipped DNA strands bind together again to form the double helix.

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A single gene on a DNA strand can produce enough RNA to make thousands of copies of the same protein in a very short time. Translation In translation, mRNA is sent to the cytoplasm, where it bonds with ribosomes, the sites of protein synthesis.

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Another tRNA comes to bind with the new codon in the A site, and a peptide bond is formed between the new amino acid to the descriptive essay on a woman peptide thesis theme framework nulled. The new strand of RNA is made according to the rules of base pairing: The tRNA that was in the P site is let go into the cytoplasm, where it will eventually bind with another amino acid. The appropriate tRNA carrying the appropriate amino acid pairs bases with this new codon in the A site.

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At its head, tRNA has three nucleotides that make up an anticodon. One way to remember this is that the A site brings new amino acids to the growing polypeptide at the P site. A peptide bond is formed between the amino video on protein synthesis attached to the tRNA in the A site and the methionine in the P site.

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At its tail end, tRNA has an acceptor stem that attaches to a specific amino acid. At that point, the protein chain connected to the tRNA in the P site is released. The ribosome slides again.

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