Synthesis of ketones from alkynes Alkenes from Aldehydes and Ketones: Wittig Reaction

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Yadav, Synlett,24, The catalyst system is applicable to a broad substrate scope and displays a wide functional group tolerance. The stereochemistry of the product 5 is due to the addition of the ylide 1 to the carbonyl 2 and to the equilibration of the intermediates. This also explains why stabilised reagents fail to react well with sterically hindered ketones.

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Examples Because of its reliability and wide applicability, the Wittig reaction has become a standard tool for synthetic organic chemists. In order to obtain the E-alkene, stabilised ylides are used or unstabilised ylides using the Schlosser modification of the Wittig reaction can be performed. It is widely used in organic synthesis for the preparation of alkenes.

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