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Pediatric Orthotics Pediatric orthoses are useful when your child has been diagnosed with congenital disorders and pediatric deformities. Compression Therapy Compression therapy involves treating post surgical scars and edemas with the help of elastic bands and compression garments.

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Cranial Remolding Helmet The cranial remolding orthosis helmet or band is used to remold the head into a symmetrical shape as the baby grows. Upper Limb Orthotics Upper pediatric prosthesis orthotics deals with the fitting of orthoses to treat conditions in your shoulder, elbow, arm, hand or wrist. Upper Extremity Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations.

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Rehabilitation Post amputation rehabilitation as well as post prosthetic rehabilitation is very important for you. Pediatric Prosthetics Pediatric prostheses are needed when your child has had a necessary amputation or is born the thesis centre a congenital limb defect.

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