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He is also only hours away from becoming a father, a physical manifestation of his virility and manhood. In Streetcar, stage effects are used to represent Blanche's decent into madness.

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She is a bundle of contradictions, a blend of fact and fiction that the audience must decipher. This seems to be the dynamic behind her brief relationship with Mitch, but in jungle parlance Stanley is the strongest male in the pack and subconsciously Blanche the use of animals in scientific research essay this.

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Like Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams wanted to challenge some of the conventions of naturalistic theatre. Only an overt act of domination like this could satisfy someone of Stanley's temperament.

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Chekhov, with his elegant juxtaposition of the humorous and the tragic, his lonely characters, and his dark sensibilities, was a powerful inspiration for Tennessee Williams' work.

Unfortunately, it is a tragic consequence of human existence that new generations and new waves of history only thrive over the graves of those that have gone before, and ironically, each succeeding generation deceives itself into believing that it represents the pinnacle of human development: Yet, though shocking, this is not out of keeping with the themes of the play for, in all matters of power, force is its ultimate manifestation.

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While he was studying there, a St. He doesn't like her personally and they have nothing in common.

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He continued to work on drama, however, receiving a Rockefeller grant and studying playwriting at the New School in New York. Inthe Williams family moved to St.

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