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Ear prosthesis attachment, glasses and anatomically-retained auricular prosthesis

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Implant-Retained Prostheses Bar Clip Attachment The bar-clip attachment has been the conventional method of attachment when designing osseointegration implant-retained auricular prostheses. Image of magnetic implants for a prosthetic ear.

Craniofacial bone anchored implant s are small titanium fixtures that are surgically implanted during a relatively minor procedure.

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Users of all devices report a wide range of performance after implantation. Is anatomical retention an option in my case? Slip-over silicone auricular prostheses in many cases attain excellent aesthetics and stay in place nicely by engaging the underlying ear cartilage undercuts.

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This procedure also treats improperly functioning inner ear ossicles, ossicular sclerosis and hearing loss from various causes.

We provide a guide to identify the ideal location for two objectives of thesis sample three implants to assure the best possible prosthetic outcome.