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Managed coastal saltwater intrusion monitoring and analysis for Broward County, Florida. Map of a two-dimensional grid over an alluvial fan for a prismatic semi 3-dimensional model, SahysMod Prismatically discretized model Prismatically discretized models like SahysMod [8] have a grid over the land surface only.

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Groundwater Modeling Senior Groundwater Modeler Wrote computer code for a finite-difference model of a municipal wellfield with widely separated wells and calibrated it to wellfield data Ph. Two and three-dimensional models can take into account the anisotropy of the aquifer with respect to the hydraulic conductivityi.

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Aquifer Safe Yield - Aquifer Depletion Sustainability Supervised computer modeling to estimate safe yield of the Biscayne Aquifer in Broward County, Florida, without producing undesired effects on saltwater intrusion, wetlands, and Everglades Restoration.