Essay on importance of english language in todays world Importance of English in our life

Essay on importance of english language in todays world, search for uk private tuition

This language helps us to express thingkings and feelings, to talk, to exchange views, and to contract between person and person though wherever we live.

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Watch American and British films in their original versions. Any language can be master by constant usage, the more you practice the more you can learn the language.

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Most computer applications are in English, so you will understand them better— and become a better employee. The students cannot cope with the entire requirements that want to do it through out of the lesson.

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I guess the simple answer is because of the widespread use of the language in education, science and technology and most importantly, in business, English opens doors to employment, education and travel. A contrastive study of the target language with the mother tongue gives an insight into the structure not only of the foreign language but also of the mother tongue.

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I suggest watching as much TV as you can, in English with English subtitles, and you will pick up conversational English in no time. For example, many modern students dream about working or studying abroad.

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It contains so many words, ideas and thoughts that a good knowledge of English enriches the mind and enables one to express oneself well.

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Thus, they communicate with each other in English essay on student exchange their everyday work.