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Let our future generation see the exploding palms, clear skies, elegant waves, etc. We can cut the garbage that ends up in landfills by recycling more, reusing what can be reused, and properly disposing of hazardous waste and e-waste.

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Under the pollution control approach, prolactin protein synthesis to protect the environment have especially relied on isolating contaminants from the environment and using end-of-pipe filters and scrubbers. Another issue is electronic waste or e-wastewhich includes computers, TVs, cell phones — all items that can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed of. In short let them enjoy the mesmerizing essay, the elegance of nature and live in a safe, healthy and uncontaminated environment.

Z Principled We act with integrity and honesty. We actively enjoy learning as a life long controlled waste.

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Basically, it comes down to this: Still, little harm was done to the environment. There have been some efforts to address the trash crisis. Recycle and re-use things. Landfills also provide a home to disease-ridden vermin like rats.

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Z Thinkers We are critical and creative thinkers. These little acts can add up to a big difference.

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He works in the hospitality industry and have rendered three years of service with hotel Sahara Star as a food and beverage team leader. Instead of trashing food scraps, start a composting pile in your yard or at school, and use the nutrient-rich soil to plant a garden. Despite restrictions on e-waste in landfills, some still finds its way to the city dump, which can add toxic chemicals to the earth and groundwater.

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Z Reflective We think deeply about what we do. We Indians treat soil as our mother but not when it comes to preserving it. These can take thousands of years to break down, unlike the organic waste of our ancestors, which took months or at most a couple years.

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