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The upper orders of society were now losing faith in the supernatural, and indulging in a period of classic rationalism. It is too long and too diffuse, and much of its potency is marred by flippancy and by an awkwardly excessive reaction against those canons of decorum which Lewis at first despised as prudish.

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His paintings have been used to illustrate the covers of a number of late twentieth century as well as twenty-first century anthologies and other books. Relatively few are free enough from the spell of the daily routine to respond to rappings from outside, and tales of ordinary feelings and events, or of common sentimental dreams in literature essays of such feelings and events, will always take first place in where to put thesis in intro taste of the majority; rightly, perhaps, since of course these ordinary matters make up the greater part of human experience.

He sends to Trinity College, Dublin, for his nephew John; and the latter upon arriving notes many uncanny things.

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Though primarily a tale of life, and of human passions in agony and conflict, its epically cosmic setting affords room for horror of the most spiritual sort. But it remained for a very sprightly and worldly Englishman—none other than Horace Walpole himself—to give the growing impulse definite shape and become the actual founder of the literary horror-story as a permanent form.

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Recall that the Republic of Liberia was founded by Africans who repatriated from America in the nineteenth century. Aristotle gave a formula for dramatic structure that can be generalized to apply to most literature: There is an immense amount of highly technical, critical literature in India.

The nineteenth century was the golden age of the novel, and most of the more famous examples of the form were systematically plotted, even where the plot structure simply traced the growth in personality of an individual hero or heroine.

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