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The intake valve actually leads to an open port in the engine block. However, the manner in which the combustion stroke is attained sets these two engines apart, and although a seemingly meaningless change, a large change in efficiency results.

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If a turbocharger is implemented in the engine, the essay forces more air into the cylinder. In gasoline engines, the carburetor is throttled.

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Gasoline Engines The engine engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel in In direct injected gasoline engines, the fuel is inserted into a side port prior to the intake step. The strokes are intake …show more content… As it was mentioned, the diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder, eliminating the mixture step completed by the free essay on car accidents. This means that when the gas pedal is pushed a little, a butterfly valve in the carburetor opens a little to allow air into the cylinder.

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He learned about the engine inefficiency of the gasoline engine and worked to produce something more practical. When the pedal is pushed a lot, the valve opens a lot to fill the cylinder.

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In diesel engines, the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder after the compression step. This occurrence would create knocking which can damage the engine.

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