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The divergence of paralogous genes due to small changes in amino acid sequence has been reported to mass spectroscopy research papers the specificity and catalytic activity of enzymes 3536 ; the origin of the tartaric acid synthesis substrate specificity possessed by l-IdnDH may be explained by a similar series of events.

K m and V max values of the recombinant l-IdnDH were determined for georgetown essays forward and reverse reactions.

Samples were prepared as described above.

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Financial support was also provided by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Discussion Despite their structural similarity, markedly different biochemical processes form TA and l-malic acids, which accumulate to high levels in grape berries during ripening.

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Freezing and thawing stability of the protein was tested because activity was not constant over time. Ascorbic acid determination was essentially as described 9 but using fresh plant material not frozen or stored and measuring absorbance at nm instead of nm.

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Acids in wine and Tartrate Unpurified potassium bitartrate can take on the color of the grape juice from which it was separated. Full-length l-IdnDH was amplified from V.

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Designed for ready reference, this book follows a simple, hierarchical organization-moving from derivatives of carboxy groups to derivatives of hydroxy groups, and, finally, to products of reduction of the carboxy groups-and includes: