Total biosynthesis antitumor nonribosomal peptides Table of Contents

Total biosynthesis antitumor nonribosomal peptides

Design and synthesis of ladder-shaped tetracyclic, heptacyclic, and decacyclic ethers and evaluation of the interaction with transmembrane proteins. Engineered biosynthesis of an ansamycin polyketide precursor in Escherichia coli.

The pictet-spengler mechanism involved in the biosynthesis of tetrahydroisoquinoline antitumor antibiotics: Insight into a natural Diels-Alder reaction from the structure of macrophomate synthase. Substrate diversity of macrophomate synthase catalyzing multistep transformation from 2-pyrones to benzoates.

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Occurrence of multiple forms for starch synthase II isozyme in developing seeds of kidney bean. Combinatorial generation of chemical diversity by redox enzymes in chaetoviridin biosynthesis.

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Escherichia coli allows efficient modular incorporation of newly isolated quinomycin biosynthetic enzyme into echinomycin biosynthetic pathway for rational design and synthesis of potent antibiotic unnatural natural product. Yeast-based genome mining, production and mechanistic studies of the biosynthesis of fungal polyketide and peptide natural products.

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Toxins and biologically active compounds from microalgae, edited by Gian Paolo Rossini. Heterologous biosynthesis of amidated polyketides with novel cyclization regioselectivity from oxytetracycline polyketide synthase.

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Current understanding and hypotheses on the biosynthesis of microalgal polyether toxins. Cloning and expression of an oligo-1,6-glucosidase gene from Arthrobacter globiformis I42 and biochemical characterization of the recombinant enzyme. Oxidative trans-to-cis isomerization of olefin in polyketide biosynthesis.

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Essay on why gay marriages should be legal and synthesis of an artificial ladder-shaped polyether that interacts with glycophorin A. Identification of a gene cluster of polyether antibiotic lasalocid from Streptomyces lasaliensis.

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Inoue, "A radical-based approach for the construction of the tetracyclic structure of resiniferatoxin," Chem. CRC Press, 1,

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