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These photocatalysts will be multi-functional materials that integrate semiconductivity, high crystallinity, and tunable porosity, and may have the potential to overcome the main limitations of known semiconductor photocatalysts.

Interactions of antimicrobial and cell-penetrating peptides with lipid membranes Professor Paulo Almeida University of North Carolina at Wilmington Hosted by Professor Dave Cafiso Antimicrobial, cytolytic, and cell-penetrating peptides, often called membrane-active peptides, belong to a variety of structural classes, including, alpha-helical, beta-sheet, unstructured, and cyclic polypeptides, among others.

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Zhang, J; Chen, S. Multi-responsive supramolecular nanogated ensembles, J. A major limitation to the practical application of these systems is the lack of stable semiconductor photocatalysts that can carry out the water splitting in the visible region of the solar spectrum with high conversion efficiency.

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Those peptides were intensely studied in the s and early s with the hope of opening the door for urgently needed new antibiotics. Zhang, Z; Zhang, J.

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