Alternative feedstock synthesis adipic acid Benzene-Free Synthesis of Adipic Acid

Alternative feedstock synthesis adipic acid

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In one preferred aspect of the invention, the cell transformant is further transformed with expressible recombinant DNA sequences encoding the enzymes transketolase, DAHP synthase, and DHQ synthase. Carbon flow is thereby forced away from the common pathway, into the divergent pathway to produce cis, cis-muconic acid.

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When grown on a 1 L scale under conditions similar to those described in Obamas thesis 2, E. EXAMPLE 4 Cloning of the aroY Gene A fragment of DNA containing the aroY gene was isolated based on the fact that a strain which normally synthesizes protocatechuate will instead synthesize catechol free thesises the presence of catalytically active protocatechuate decarboxylase. With regard to the product distribution, the main byproducts were hexanoic acid and 2-hexanone, with selectivities up to The loss of absorbance at nm was monitored over time.

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In this section, we describe the current status and future directions in AA production from lignocellulosic biomass-derived chemicals involving bio- and chemocatalytic methods.

In an alternative approach, Boussie et al. Microbial organisms such as E.

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Experiments were also conducted in which the pH of the culture supernatant was not adjusted over time in minimal medium. Significant attention has been directed at carbonylation of butadiene. An additional scientific challenge lies in the elucidation of the role of the halogen source.

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